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A well-paying profession which suits your aptitude even as extending a helping hand to many can be your dream job, a job that’s truly fulfilling. Lifeline conducts Mind Mastery Trainers’ Training Programme every year to produce a group of fresh, energetic trainers who can reshape many lives. There is hardly any hurdle before you to be a good trainer if you have aptitude. It is a noble profession that helps the world to move forward. You will be a guide and mentor for many and can help them to tide over their crises.

You can become an excellent trainer if you are willing to learn things deeply and to find new areas of interest. You have to keep your eyes and minds open and to be compassionate, considerate and logical. Our syllabus and course content are international and you can work anywhere in the world after completing the training with us.

The training uses state-of-the art learning techniques. Multisensory accelerated learning technologies are used for the most possible efficacy of the programme. There are no long lectures but interactive and vibrant workshops.

Once completing the course, you can confidently start your own training business. You will be successful in every aspect of your life. You will be trained from the elementary lessons to the minutest details- how to approach potential subjects, how to evaluate their problems, what methods are to be used and how to be a successful mentor and guide. You will feel motivated and self-assured. You can start training from the very next day of the programme. Your earning can be better than a college professor.

As mentioned above, personal transformation training is a fast-growing area. Since there will be immense opportunities for you to conduct workshops for corporate firms and other large enterprises, and you can easily charge thousands of dollar per training session. We will share many such success stories in the sessions. Our very special holistic package of ours makes it easy for you to grab the opportunities and pursue your career with ease. That is our promise. You will also have an opportunity to work as Lifeline associate trainers, if you would like to. Depending on your capability, we can assign you training jobs anywhere in the world.

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